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  • Elsa Duty, CEO/Owner

Why you want a Split-Network firm to represent you

RSI has been a member of a recruiting split-network for over 30 years. For those of you reading this that don’t know what that is, it’s a cooperative network of recruitment firms that collaborate together for the better good of our clients/candidates. We share our hottest jobs and candidates, to maximize the service and offerings we have (behind the scenes splitting recruiting fees 50-50).

“You may ask Why? Is it because we need help? Can't we sustain on our own? Wouldn't we want to be greedy and keep the full fee for ourselves?"

Here are the top reasons why we feel split-network firms have MORE to offer than a stand-alone firm:

  • Niche firms collaborating together for you. 

  • Resources of multiple firms, with 1 point of contact. Who wants to work with 3-4 different firms? That’s a lot of pesky recruiters following up weekly! Streamline your process without sacrificing quantity and quality.

  • Confidential jobs & employees conducting confidential searches get more visibility

  • More market data. Firms collaborating together have some serious recruiting power. 

  • Faster results. Passive, qualified, local candidates available at our fingertips... “Yes, please!”

  • Better quality. Tired of seeing the same job board candidates? Every database has them, but the ability to tap into other private databases is a gold mine. 

  • Global access. We recently sent 5 qualified Plant Managers in China to a client in less than 2 weeks. How? Power of partnering with firms with “boots on the ground” and intimate knowledge of their markets.

Would we love to get the full commission on every job? Or course. But we believe that servicing our clients better, faster, and more efficiently is most important. 

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