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  • Elsa Duty, CEO/Owner

What Grade do your Recruiters get? A+ or C-?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Your company likely measures many variables to ensure business success, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence. If we polled 100 companies and asked them what their best asset was, most of them will say naturally, "Our employees"!

Given that response, when was the last time you measured or surveyed for satisfaction your newly on-boarded or actively interviewing candidates to ensure they are having a good 3rd party recruitment experience? Is it possible you are losing top talent to your hiring process? Most active candidates are getting multiple offers these days. You better ensure you're doing everything you can to lead with the best impression possible.

Third party and Corporate Recruiters are the “face of your business". If they operate unprofessional with candidates, this reflects poorly on the entire business. Over the past year we have loosely polled our candidates, asking them what recruiting experience is like with most companies. Sadly, the results are not positive. Lack of feedback/communication, ghosting from recruiters, last minute interview confirmations, no address for onsite interviews, no help with resumes to ensure the fit, etc.

Is this the experience you want your potential hires to have? Do you want a recruiter who just emails a list of questions to a candidate vs someone who is going to spend 30-60 minutes on the phone pinpointing the fit? In a candidate-driven market, you need every advantage to get the best talent available. The emotional aspect of the hiring process goes a long way with securing the best people.

We urge you to ask candidates either actively interviewing, or newly onboarded employees the following simple questions:

  • What is your experience with your recruiting firm or Corporate Recruiter so far?

  • Do you feel they gave you adequate information about this opening or our company?

  • How have you been treated?

  • Would you recommend this recruiting firm to another company? Why or Why not?

Grade your internal recruiters and external partners. You pay both of these people/firms too much money to not be getting the exact results you want.

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